Our employees tell their story

At Consortio Fashion Group we work in many different areas, including marketing, IT, purchase, design, logistics, product handling, shooting and economy. To get a better understanding of a part of the operations inhouse, some of our employees will share their story of what they do and how it is to work inside Consortio Fashion Group.

Christina Göransson

Directress for Cellbes

What does it mean being a directress? 
As directress we work in a close team together with a product manager and product assistant. Our main task is to work with the fit of different garments to obtain as good and suitable sizes as possible. It´s a lot of sketches, size lists and measuring. We work a lot with our larger size range that extends up to size 62-64 and put a lot of time into getting a good fit and quality in our products, by that reason we have a close coorporation with our suppliers to ensure that our products turns out as we wish.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I think everything is fun and challenging in my work as directress . But certainly the most fun with my job is to sketch, it has probably a lot to do with my background as a designer. Working in a team with other colleagues  is also fun, you always have people around.

What do you think about working with Consortio Fashion Group?
I ‘m very happy here ! To have so many and pleasant work mates is incredibly fun. Additionally, things and activities happen all the time, both job wise and events like kickoffs, christmas parties and cinema. It is a fun and eventful workplace!


Victor Nordlund

Web producer

What does it mean being a web producer?
As a web producer, it means that you’re working in a team who´s responsible to make sure that our web shops is always updated. Everything from re advertising to new products that demands correct text and image. In addition to my daily work Im also a part of a management team who´s responsible for our publishing system , which we use to manage the product flow to web and catalog.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Primarily it´s of course all my wonderful colleagues ! But what I enjoy with my work is that there´s always a continuous development for both myself and the company. It’s a great organization and I get to learn new things all the time when you run into different challenges.

What do you think about working with Consortio Fashion Group?

Very good! There is a good atmosphere within the company and wonderful colleagues that makes it fun to work here . I feel really real good and think it´s fun. It feels amazing to have Consortio Fashion Group as an employer.

Mia Jussila Johansson

Assortment Manager Halens

What does it mean to be assortment manager? 

As assortment manager you have the overall responsibility for the entire product range. I work primarily with ensuring that our total product offering is well composed and coordinated both in terms of garments, prices and volume. I work closely with the designers and also with all other parts of the purchasing department and marketing department. The customer is our main focus in everything we do and we are working hard to offer her exactly what she wants at the moment. My work also includes some travel. These trips are trend and inspirational trips, also production trips mainly to the Far Eastern.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
It is a creative and very varied work. To work near the product right from the drawing board procedure until we meet the customer’s, is very inspiring and fun!

What do you think about working with Consortio Fashion Group?
I really enjoy working at Consortio Fashion Group! It´s an attractive place of work with great ‘spirit and very lovely colleagues.

Patrik Persson

Warehouse employee

What does it mean to be warehouse employee? 
I always work the morning shift, which means a lot of preparing for the colleagues coming in working the day shift. Among others, I load the goods that will be picked up and packed to the end customer during the day and prepare the goods that will be shipped to our other warehouses . When you work the morning shift you get to help a lot where it is needed, either on inbound delivery, picking, packing, or returns. The job is very diverse and variable with many different tasks and you work with all three brands Halens, Cellbes and Bubbleroom.
What do you enjoy most about your job?
Without a doubt my work mates! Besides that it’s a fun job because of the variety!
What do you think about working with Consortio Fashion Group?
I’ve been with the company for a long time and think it’s very fun with the actual change and what it has become. The atmosphere is good and positive, it is fun to come to work. Consortio Fashion Group is a great company with wonderful and pleasant colleagues which makes it much more enjoyable. Additionally, there are many activities to participate in outside work such as floor hockey, tennis, golf and more.