Consortio Fashion Group acquires Bubbleroom

Consortio Fashion Group acquires Bubbleroom, a web shop, community and trade market with focus towards the younger  target group.

Bubbleroom runs a pure cultured e-commerce, focuses on branding clothes and adds an additional sales channel and target group to CFG, as it complements the existing operations Halens and Cellbes.

Bubbleroom started in 2004, today they offers over 150 different labels in their assortment, and the range will be increased with even more labels from the sister company Halens. Except from e-commerce, Bubbleroom offers a buy&sell function like Blocket and besides that they´re also the foundation for several fashion bloggers.

Bubblerooms logistic and other operational functions will be integrated to CFG´s head quarter in Borås to realize significant synergies. The brand however, will be run as a separate independent commercial business by Svante Tegnér, CEO and founder of Bubbleroom.