Centiro – new transportation management system supplier!

With the four brands, Halens, Cellbes, Bubbleroom and Discount24, Consortio Fashion Group is one of the leading distance selling groups in Sweden. CFG´s transition from mail order company to e-commerce, demands flexibility and speed, something the implementation of Centiros TA-system will contribute to.

CFG´s presence in over 10 markets,  in the Nordics, Baltics and Central Eastern Europe, and with many different labels in combination with a need of flexibility and speed in the supply chain, made the choice easy to pic Centiro as TA-supplier. To meet the requirement CFG needed a solution that manage to take care of the integration and interaction with the outside world regarding transportation. The transportation management system will support CFG´s  further development of the company, also work as an enabler when changes and development of the company´s supply chain gets implemented.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″] This indicates a change of direction for traditional mail order and e-commerce, and turns to a focus on consumer based services, says Freddy Sobin, CEO/Group President at Consortio Fashion Group. This means that our services towards our end consumers will be even more flexible when it comes to transportation. It also complements our range further, which makes us even stronger on the market. [/quote]

Centiros cloud-based software for transport management is designed with a unique overview and grasp of transport flows, regardless of how many markets, carriers or broadcast a company may have. By using Centiro, CFG can meet the consumer’s needs and requirements for how and when they whish to get their goods delivered, while providing the consumer visibility and information throughout the delivery chain.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]We chose Centiro because they have one of the most proven and broadest platforms in the transportation management market, says Freddy Sobin.  With Centiro we are able to upscale the solution as our needs grow. We will also become more flexible in an increasingly demanding market. It provides a long-term and sustainable focus which is important to us.[/quote]

The solution that will be released in several steps, calculates to manage over 2500 000 deliveries annually. First out in operation is Bubbleroom,  starting in September 2013.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]The fact that CFG choose Centiros solutions, is proof that the innovation and flexibility Centiro offers has a high value for e-commerce companies. This is in line with the whole investment wave that we see in developed markets, to meet the demands of the modern consumer, says Fredrik Hedblom Vice VD Centiro Solutions AB.[/quote]