NYCE Solutions – new supplier of CFG:S new warehouse system (WMS)!

Consortio Fashion Group AB is one of the leading distance selling groups in the Nordics, Baltics and Central Eastern Europe. The group has a total turnover of 1,5 billion SEK and employs over 400 employees.

NYCE Solutions is IT-professionals in complex warehouse and logistic matters and by using the proprietary solution NYCE.LOGIC WMS, they create opportunities for companies who define warehouse/logistics as business critical, with potential for major market advantages.  Considering CFG:s rapid pace of changes, wide product range and high demand against CFG as a driving e-commerce retailer, this partnership creates great opportunities.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]For us as a group, it has been very important to strengthen and become even more sharp in our logistics and our meeting with the customer, says  Sara Ihrlund, Supply Chain & Logistics Director på CFG AB. Flexibility, speed and adaptability towards our customer is one of our keys to further success, which is why the choice of a WMS (Warehouse Mana Gent System), with this in focus, feels like a perfect match. NYCE.LOGIC as a product suits us very well, the product enables and facilitates the continued ongoing development. NYCE Solutions as a company,  possesses right experience and knowledge within the area and will help us grow and become even stronger on the market. .[/quote]

NYCE.LOGIC WMS has during the past 15 years, grown from being a standard warehouse system, and until today, turned into a full-fledged WMS  (Warehouse Managent System) with functions such as electronic customer service, e-commerse functionality, 3PL support, voice recognition, elevator automation and excellent potential to an automated integration with ERP-system, TA and custom duty system.