Halens awarded for best customer experience!

It was during the Nordic eCommerce Award Halens took home the prize.

Of a total of 90 participating e-commerce sites Halens won the prize for this year’s customer experience with the reason:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]”This year´s  customer experience goes to the eCommerce site who managed to reach the highest score in the Mystery eShopper survey. The winner is a very excellent integrated and well thought out e-store, who not only focuses on the design and layout , but also makes sure that every detail is in its place and functioning properly. All these details contributes to a better buying experience for the customers. All the years we’ve tested online stores they´ve ended up highly ranked, and this year they finally won the award as the customer experience of the year. “[/quote]

Mystery eShopping is a well-known testing method to measure the shopping experience from a customer perspective. By “testing” the e-store through the whole buying process, the e-store obtains a quality point analysis with improvement areas, to help the e-store to increase the turnover.

Read more at http://nordicecommerceknowledge.se/award/ about the justification to the award.