Halens joins Animals Rights list agains fur

Halens have joined the Animal rights list agains fur and thus belongs to the list of the 260 companies in the world who have taken a public position against fur.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Halens have chosen a restrictive attitude to products made of fur. Real fur is not allowed in Halens assortment, says Noelia Guinón, Marketing Manager Halens.[/quote]

The Animal Rights fur-free list is a part of the Fur Free Retailer Program, an international agreement where companies insures that they won´t sell clothes or accessories containing animal fur.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Halens did contact us about the fur-free list, and it’s even more fun when the companies themselves take such initiatives, says Maria Kaller, Consumer liable at Animals Right, also responsible for the Fur Free Retailer Program in Sweden. The global fur industry kills annually 75 million animals over the world and now has yet a company committed to the animals right.[/quote]

The Fur Free Retailer Program run by the Fur Free Alliance, which contains of about 30 organisations worldwide who works for a fur free industry. Animal Rights are responsible for all activity in Sweden.

Animals Right lists the companies who´s available on the swedish market at www.palsfrihandel.se and in the mobile app Animalfriendly. The international list is available at www.furfreeretailer.com.