Cellbes changes their logo and invests in Television!

After many profitable years, Cellbes want to increase their market share and attract more new customers to Cellbes. So, they´re now making an aggressive move into television with TV4 as primary channel.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]It´s incredibly exciting for us to appear outside our excisting channels. We have amazing customers that are both loyal and recurring. But we know that there are more people out there who would love us, they just don´t know about us. Hence this initiative.
– Anna Grahm, Marketing Manager at Cellbes.[/quote]


What makes Cellbes so unique, is that all their clothes (is in the widest size range on the market). Something they´re alone in offering. The TV-commercial, which went live at Channel 4 Monday 2/9, reflects this and accentuates clothes of ordinary people in different body shapes. Simultaneously, Cellbes launches their new logo at all platforms. The logo has been given a new font and the letter ”B” appears as a light form of a heart – to show the warmth and openness Cellbes stands for.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]We felt that it´s time for Cellbes to step forward and reach new customers. And by this, we are now looking over our whole graphic identity where development of a new logo and corporate colors are part of the rejuvenation
– Yvonne Eriksson, VD på Cellbes.[/quote]

The TV-commercial is contrary to most of the standard fashion-commercials that we are used to see. There is no white background walls, no fans and classic size-zero supermodels. Instead, Cellbes chose to produce a consept, based on one of the most folk activities in sweden, namely choral. Choir-singing stands for fellowship, joy and a mix of all types of human beings – precisely those values ​​that Cellbes want to stand for. The commercial also give Cellbes room to show a lot of clothes in a unique context, which performs well in all markets where Cellbes operates.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]It´s an extreme hype around TV-commercials today, everyone compete about the viewer’s attention and  wants to be seen. We felt that with the choir, we´ll achieve something unique, also deliver a message that that suits our target group. The advertising will not be appreciated by all, but we are confident that the target group will love it
– Anna Grahm[/quote]

The models in the TV-commercial comes from one of Swedens leading choires, Stockholm City Vocies, directed by the choire legend, Mo Fields. The whole choir are dressed in the latest autumn collection. The choir also recorded the music, an own version of Joe Cockers classical ”You are so beautiful”. A song with a powerful message that caters to all women, regardless of size or body shape.