Freddy Sobin enters the board of Svensk Handel

Freddy Sobin, head chairman of Svensk Digital Handel, enters the board of Svensk Handel. The aim is to give strength to the digital competence within the board.

– The digital market as affecting more and more participants in the commerce. With Freddy Sobin as a member, we will get a deeper understanding for the challenges our members are experiencing, says CEO of Svensk Handel, Karin Johansson.

Freddy Sobin as been involved in the digital business for almost ten years, and is currently CEO for Consortio Fashion Group, where some of the largest companies in the distance- and e-commerce business are included, such as Halens, Cellbes and Bubbleroom. Since last year Freddy is also a head chairman of Svensk Digital Handel.

Digital commerce is a complex operation that’s constantly changing. To be a part of the board of Svensk Handel and contribute with my knowledge within the digital commerce area feels both important and exciting.
-Freddy Sobin, CEO, Consortio Fashion Group

Another member of the Ellos board is Anders Halvarsson, also a member of Svensk Handel’s board. The placement of Freddy Sobin is welcomed by Jonas Ogvall, CEO of Svensk Digital Handel.

– We are prepared for a structural change which will affect in large terms almost all members of the Swedish digital commerce in one way or another. The focus from Svensk Handel on this particular commerce proves that we are one the right way, says Jonas Ogvall.