Bubbleroom launches a new collection!

Bubbleroom has together with the Borås born fashionista Caroline Roxy created a whole new collection – RX. It’s a small collection containing 20 trendy styled garments for the upcoming autumn season. When the collection was launched, it quickly became one of the most sold clothes on the Bubbleroom website. The designer, Caroline Roxy, has over 300 000 followers on Instagram and is widely known in social media and the fashion industry. Many pictures has been liked and shared through various tools within social media, which has given the collection an important spread.

“We are very pleased at Bubbleroom with this cooperation and it has been exciting and fun to make our first design cooperation since we did Classified together with Isabella “Blondinbella” Löwengrip for almost three years ago.
– Svante Tegnér, CEO Bubbleroom