Halens has been on the Top100 list by Internetworld since 2008!

As a proud and strong e-commerce, Halens is once again one of the names on the Top 100 list by Internetworld, which is one of Swedens oldest and prestigious list over the top hundred best sites in the country.

Internetworld themselves describe the criterias for being selected as following:

A challenge today – something most sites have accomplished well – is to meet the expectations and needs of the visitors. As well as the site owners statistics and larger investigations shows that more and more visitors arrive on the site through their mobile. This development is faster than earlier expected. On many sites, the number of mobile visitors exceeds the computer visitors. Therefore, the jury this year chose to focus more on the whole mobile experience and the responsiveness within the sites on different platforms.

At this year’s list, we’ve found hundreds of examples of details and concepts that can inspire everyone in the business of digital communication. They are all winners and great examples of good digital performers within their areas. Congratulations!

Not only has Halens been on the list for many years, but is also the winner of “Best e-market site” and “Sweden’s best site” in year 2010 and 2011. Something that contributes to the will to keep developing the brand and to get even better!