Facebook mentions Cellbes on their first general meeting in 2015!

On 22 April this year, Facebook unveiled its quarterly report, Q1. The presentation was held by several distinguished profiles within the company, including founder Mark Zuckerberg and company COO, Sheryl Sandberg. The report contained information not only about the general progress of the company, but also information about several different features and tools within their community, available to businesses. Functions that Cellbes has used succesfully and in an exemplary way:

”We also launched Conversion Lift, a tool that scientifically measures how much additional business was driven from Facebook ads. This is important because it shows that ads on mobile can drive sales in retail stores and via other channels. For example, Cellbes is a women’s fashion retailer in Europe. Using Conversion Lift, they proved that ads on Facebook mobile drove sales on desktop and via phone calls to sales reps at their call centers. ”

It is with great pleasure that Cellbes notes this mention before such a large audience as of Facebook and COO Sheryl Sandberg. This gives even more ambition to the development of the online concepts!

Take part of the report either through this link, or by reading the transcript.