Cellbes reaches 100k followers on Facebook!

Presence in the social media world is given for most companies and Facebook itself is a central channel, which is an important part of our marketing and customer reachability. This week, an almost magical limit was reached for Cellbes, which got an astonishing 100.000 followers on Facebook. The target has been reached through active and regular communication directly with our customers, not only with a focus on fashion and offers, but also by directly answering questions and gaining trust for a present and alert customer service.

Earlier this year, the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, mentioned Cellbes during an earnings call, where she emphasized the company for successfully using the tools given by Facebook in creating good strategies and gaining results. Cellbes now celebrates the 100.000 followers with a big contest on Facebook, where all followers have the chance of winning items from the latest season’s collections.