Cellbes selects Charlotte Nordén as new CEO!

Charlotte will assume the new role as CEO for Cellbes at the head office in Borås on August 15th. Charlotte Nordén has held various management positions within the fashion industry, such as CEO for Joy, CEO for Desam Fashion Group as well as store manager for Nordiska Kompaniet in Gothenburg.

“Cellbes today holds a very clear and strong position on the market and we see a huge potential in expanding Cellbes as a brand to create an important future growth. Charlotte has with her unique experience exactly the right profile to succeed with the mission of bringing Cellbes to the next level and making it to the most relevant and appreciated fashion company for its customer in Scandinavia.” – Freddy Sobin, CEO for Consortio Fashion Group.

“It is with great joy and excitement that I enter the organisation of Cellbes and Consortio Fashion Group! I find Cellbes as a very interesting fashion company, with a long and strong tradition. I feel inspired to take on the task, together with my new colleagues, of entering a new era with Cellbes. The fact that the industry itself is right in the middle of changing dramatically, with focus on digitalization, different structures and customer behaviour, makes the challenge even more interesting with great possibilities to give strength to the image of Cellbes being the number one choice for women.” – Charlotte Nordén.

Cellbes has over the years grown into a major and significant fashion company, acclaimed by their customers by maintaining its Cellbes spirit and rich customer knowledge. The majority of sales are still generated by catalog marketing, which is a great source of inspiration for Cellbes customers, but more and more customers find digital channels.