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About us

Consortio Fashion Group AB is one of the leading distance selling groups in the Nordics, Baltics and Central Eastern Europe. The group has a total turnover of 1 billion SEK and 220 employees. The product range includes mainly fashion and home textiles. The group is active in a total of 9 markets, with central offices in 4 of these and also with a sourcing office in Shanghai, China. With a clear focus on customers and e- commerce we reach our customers through our companies Cellbes and Bubbleroom.


Bubbleroom started in 2005 as a small exclusive online shop for expensive designer clothes. Three years later – in 2008, Bubbleroom was re-launched as a part of Consortio Fashion Group and began the journey towards becoming a broader and more interactive fashion site. The new Bubbleroom launched in late 2008 and included a shop, community, blog page, blog portal and a vintage section. In April 2009, the first issue of Bubbleroom Magazine was published with recognition as a separate lifestyle magazine. In May 2010 we saw the launch of Bubbleroom Water, a private mineral water. Today, Bubbleroom is one of Scandinavia’s leading online retailers in fashion and manages thousands of orders every day to satisfied customers. Bubbleroom is working intensively to improve and broaden the product range, make the site even easier to navigate and the magazine even more fun. Bubbleroom also have a number of stores located in Sweden.
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Cellbes started in 1954 by the couple Bengt and Gunvor Hultgren in Borås. The story of Cellbes, with three simple words said, is work, work and again work. Then add a good sence of business and a bit of luck and you pretty much have the answer of the company´s success story and its founder. In the beginning there was only one single article – A japanese sheeting. It was narrow, it shrank in the wash but it was indestructible. It sold well, and the basis for one of the leading mail order companies came to establish. In 2004 Cellbes was sold to Halens postorder AB. Today, Cellbes strength is its unique proprietary range and the availability of many sizes in all assortments concept. In 2012 Cellbes was appointed as one of the SuperCompany of the Year by PAR and Veckans affärer.
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Halens started in 1952 by Hadar Halén in Borås. The company was English-owned from the mid-60’s until 2007 when it was acquired by Consortio Invest AB. Halens have with its wide range been one of the leading mail order companies in Sweden and the Nordic region for a long time. In 2008 the journey began to go from being a traditional mail order company into a modern e-commerce company, which among other things led to winning the price of the Internetworld’s yearly Top100 list for two years in a row (2010 & 2011) as both best e-commerce site and best site in Sweden. In 2017, Halens closed all activities as a part of a long-term focus on the remaining brands. The site now functions as a showroom for Cellbes and Bubbleroom.
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