Bubbleroom started in 2005 as a small exclusive online shop for expensive designer clothes. In 2008, Bubbleroom re-launched as a part of Consortio Fashion Group and began the journey towards becoming a broader and more interactive fashion site. The new Bubbleroom launched in late 2008 and included a shop, community, blog page, blog portal and a vintage section. In April 2009, the first issue of Bubbleroom Magazine was published with recognition as a separate lifestyle magazine. In May 2010 we saw the launch of Bubbleroom Water, a private mineral water and during 2010 -2011 we expanded to the other nordic markets.

Today, Bubbleroom is one of Scandinavia’s leading online retailers in fashion and manages thousands of orders every day. In total we have over 60 employees in our two offices in Stockholm and Borås, working everyday to make the shopping experience as good as possible.

Business to Business

Bubbleroom’s own designed products and brands give many and strong competition advantages. We have our own stock in Sweden, express deliveries by season, good margins and a free choice of sizes in all supplement orders.

Our brands

chiara_forthi_logo_2015    Make Way   77thFLEA    Model Behaviour

Our mission and business goal is to constantly have a varied and wide product range that is always up to date, with a focus on offering the products that the customer demands when he or she wants to look extra faboulus. We work intensively to improve and broaden the product range, but also make the site more stylish and easier to navigate. At Bubbleroom we love when things happen and we are not afraid of changes or to listen to our customers ideas.